Glamping Grocery List

We are doing three Glamping Trips this year, two to Carrick on Shannon in July & August, and a third to Slane, Co. Meath in July. The trips differ in what meals are included, but both locations have a communal fridge to store food and fully equipped kitchen for your use to make breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks.


Depending on what meals are included for your trip, you might find this list handy, but keep in mind they are just suggestions:

Kitchen basics:

Cooking oil, butter, margarine, salt, pepper, sugar, long-life or UHT milk, tea bags, coffee, tin foil, paper towels, food containers, metal tongs and skewers.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks:

Cereal, bread and buns, cheese, ham, fruits, juices, crackers, fresh veg, spreads and sauces, crisps, tortilla chips, dips, cup a soups. cup noodles. Cooked chicken breast and bags of salad can make an instant delicious lunch, Caesar dressing tops it off perfectly. Toasting Marshmallows is a must, so bring some metal skewers if you don’t want to use sticks you find onsite.

Hot Meals:

There are loads of meals you can pre-prepare for cooking on the campfire, to make delicious main courses, but there are some staple items that might save you when the family have had an extra-busy day and tummies are rumbling. Bring tins of beans, tuna, and creamed soup for beans on toast or a tuna melt.


Corn on the cob, baked potatoes and garlic mushrooms can all be done very easily on the campfire, just add some butter and wrap in 3-4 layers of tinfoil, then throw it on or in the campfire.

bakedpotatoMahinCamping-1838 (1)

For the perfect baked potato cut a cross in one side and make sure the butter is right in the potato, this can then be put right in the fire (butter side up) for about 40 minutes, turning occasionally.


Garlic mushrooms just need a pinch of garlic salt on each with a knob of butter, or use finely sliced garlic if preparing in advance, then put 6-8 of them in one packet of tinfoil and wrap in about 4 layers, put on a higher grill or cooler part of the fire for about 20mins, turning once. If you want to be even more fancy add some Rosemary, you won’t regret it.


Corn on the cob can be done much like the baked potato, except you don’t need to make any cuts. Lather in butter, wrap in tinfoil, and place on a cooler part of the fire for about 20 minutes, turning once.

If there’s anything I’ve left out be sure to let me know, and I’ll add to the lists as new ideas pop up!


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